Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's All Over

Ever since I was blessed with 3 kids, I have barely followed anything on TV. Not even my favourites like all the Saturday cooking shows or the E-News channel. The exception to all this is, the X Factor and Desperate Housewives which, I try my best not to miss.

But, all good things have to come to an end and this week, both shows came to their respective conclusion for the season. X Factor finished on Sunday and tonight, it's going to be the last episode of Desperate Housewives. So, there we go again. I will be TV-free until next autumn. My husband invited me to watch football with him as a replacment. Errr... Sorry darling...the obvious answer is No.

The finalists who were in the Final of X Factor

The results of the X Factor were as expected. Do you remember (the late) Paul, the World Cup Octopus? Yup...he is dead but his cousin(?!) predicted that Matt Cardle would win the competition this year and Yes he did. Hehehe...Sorry One Direction, you are guys are so cute whether you win or not. My Hisham will never fail to watch you on You Tube even until this day.

One Direction perfoms with Robbie Williams

Honestly, I didn't mind who won this year. They are all good, but the truth is, I think Cher Lloyd is Amazing. She's only 17 and she's perform like a real pop star. I know she doesn't sound that great and seemingly has a bit of an attitude problem but, she is a really talented kid.

Final perfomance

Emmmm...I will be spending a few quiet nights from now on. What do you think I should do then? Any suggestions ladies?


Lady of Leisure said...

hehe i kat rumah jarang tgk tv tapi lately suka tengok online drama dekat tv3 hehe

Mummy Nana said...

I kalau kat mesia mesti xkeluar rumah kena tgk TV.. wajib tu.. sekali dah tgk melekat.. hehehe sebab tu malas nak start...

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