Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Weekend Before the New Year

I meant to post this entry last night but for some reason, I think I forgot to press the Publish Post button. So, bear with me as this post was meant for last last week...

Over here, on Christmas day, all of the shops are closed. The weather is not that good for sight-seeing either. My friend, Mrs. AngeliNatasya invited us to her house for a small gathering with her beloved friends. And it's my rezeki as she ordered buns and doughnuts from me. I thought I took a of picture of them before I left home that day but when I checked my camera I couldn't find any. Arrrggghhhhh...!

As you can see from her own entry, we stuffed ourselves with all the delicious food she made on the day and stayed there until the next evening. The grown ups and the kids had so much fun as this turned out to be a sort of mini sleep-over at her house, eating, watching movies, gossiping, eating again all day and night. All thanks to the bad weather as our car was very likely to be stuck in the snow if we attempted to drive home that night anyway!

So, a big Thank You again to you Tasya and family for the nice time we had and thank you for ordering my buns and doughnuts too. Sorry for the mess we made and the broken glass. We really really enjoyed it errr...not the mess we created bit, of course.

We're still in holiday mood and maybe the other Dubliners were busy shopping but we were still stuck at home. My poor husband was  really sick this week so we just stayed home finding various ways to kill the time and to the rescue again, came Mrs. AngeliNastasya with the prescription for my hubby who hopefully, will get better soon so that we can have at least a few more days of proper holiday-making before he starts his busy period at work for the next four months.

Anyway, as we were at home yesterday, my kids requested that I make doughnuts again. I didn't get to take  pictures of my gorgeous (ahaks!) doughnuts the last time around so, I made a few of them in different glazes and toppings to show to you all here. Hehehe.

Want to order some, anyone? Do get in touch with me, OK?

Hope it's still not too late to say...

Good Bye 2010...Hello 2011!

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