Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look, it's a bike. It's a stroller. No, it's a Taga!

Hi all... how are you today?... Hehehe... while blogwalking earlier today, I came across this guy's blog and on one of his many entries, I saw this cool thing. I now would like to have it for myself. Ahaks...

Isn't it a great new invention? I've aways thought of this kind of thing (OK, maybe not exactly like this) and now it has become reality. You can go here to check the price or if you want to buy online.. errr how I wish!

Just Imagine yourself on this thing with your kids... hehehe

My husband dearie:  Yang u nak belikan tuk I ke? Hehehe.. I'm just trying my luck. That KitchenAid stand mixer is still numero uno on my list.

1 comment:

ERMAYUM said...

wow cool leh la cycling kat taman ptg2 heheh kalu kat oversea la masa spring ke kat mesia panas wei heheh

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