Friday, September 24, 2010

Contest Bersama si Kecil

 This is another contest, a picture of you and your little one by Gayahspears ...  pergh... style nama tu.. heheh

how about this my sister with my kids

err but I just realised the rules is wajib gambar anda!! ok so as I am the one who always take the pictures so this is the best I have or the best I can find today

would like to tag

Rina again
Topsy Turvy Mummy

Good Luck !!


Rina NAR said...

wokey...i buat right away heheeh...rajin betul u search benda2 ni...

naniesc said...

ade acu! comferm mng! wahahaha

Gayahspears said...

sila tgk update n anta gmbo pada email gayah. TQ

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