Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Break's Still On

Today, everyone was talking about the Royal Wedding but here's me, still going on about my stories of the Easter break. Well, congrats to Prince William and Kate. They are just so beautiful. Beautiful wedding, beautiful everything.

OK, so I've posted that our last weekend was really busy and full of activities. I still have two more days to report on but I think I'll cheat a bit and summarise both busy days, today. Hehehe...

On Sunday, the kids' swimming class was on as usual and straight after that we went to Farmleigh for a quick picnic. I just made some burgers and my friend brought some fried noodles and another some chicken nuggets. There was an Easter event going on the park and there even was a live local band by local performing there. My hubby was even convinced to fork out some cash to buy the band's CD. It was a really nice day and we even got the timing spot on - as soon as we finished eating and the kids had enough fun, it started to rain. Phewwww...

The next day was Easter Monday and we attended Mrs Tasya's daughter's birthday party at a theme park of sorts called Fort Lucan. Even though it's just a 10-minute drive away from where we live and we pass by it almost every time we head to Lucan, we've never had a chance to go there, until now that is.

 King Hisham
 Jumping on a trampoline - I wish I could join in

OMG, It was really high. Can you spot Ameera?

It was a really nice place, not too big to let the kids play by themselves and not too small for us to enjoy the day. The price was also quite reasonable for us to go again and the best part was that we can even bring our own food.

We really had a good time that day. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Tasya for inviting us and for MY special Nasi Ayam with Dada... heheheh and Happy Birthday to Heidi.


jat said...

all hail King Hisham!!!

naniesc said...

yaaaaaa.. hishammm~

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