Friday, August 10, 2012

Home sweet home-Day 3

I keep telling my friends that I love to stay longer in the hospital after I deliver my baby. But this time, the nurse keep asking me when I want to be discharge since day one. Haha.

Is not that the hospital that I was admitted is so 'posh' or has 1st class services but I guess these only few days in there is the only days that I truly have my own 'ME' time and I don't have to do anything. It's like holidays for me.

Hmmm, but as much as I like those days I'm still glad and happy to be home to my own bed and my family.

ready to go home

My other kids were so excited and can't wait to see their baby sister home. As a surprise they made this home made cards and banner just to welcome Baby Ameena. How sweet. Thank you darlings!!!

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Unaizah said...

Congratulations dear!!!! Cukup 2 pasang dgn kehadiran Baby Ameena. What a beautiful name.

ps: baru teringat kat you yesterday...sixth sense eh :-)

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