Friday, July 15, 2011

Inter-Cultural Day at the North Dublin Muslim National School

Before Ameera finished her school this year, lots of things happened. From Healthy Eating week, school-arranged tours and the biggest event in her school's calendar, Inter-Cultural Day.

The event itself is a sight to behold as the school truly is a melting pot of nearly all the Muslim cultures around the world including Malaysia and Ireland, of course.

As usual, the day would start off with some performances from the kids. Then, it was on to the most important item on the agenda - food! Parents from the various countries were asked to work together and  were asked to bring along a sample of dishes from their country of origin. Not surprisingly, as national pride was at stake, there was never any question that the kids, teachers and visitors to the school would go hungry. In fact, it did get a bit competitive...

So, not wanting to lose out (and maintain Malaysia's pole position at the school) this year, I opted to make some yellow glutinous rice (pulut kuning) with sambal ikan bilis. I was too lazy to cook rendang which, would have been the more appropriate accompaniment to pulut kuning. But, I prefer a good sambal over rendang when I was little kid back home so, I certainly thought it was an acceptable alternative. Of course, the sambal ended up being too spicy so not many people liked it. Boohoo.

Fortunately, the minute I got home, a few of my friend decided to come over and in a few seconds the rest of the dish was finished. Phewww...I was seriously beginning to doubt my own cooking abilities right before then.

Food-related things aside, one of the school teachers asked me to help out with the arts exhibition on the day. Not being to great on the subject of art I volunteered to my bit by applying some some henna for the girls in school. I was told I was quite popular during the day and had queue of girls waiting to avail of my services. Here's one that I did for Ameera. I'll let you judge my work for yourself...

Oklah, I suppose. Not too bad, hahaha...Well, the kids can't really complain especially when you say that the henna looks absolutely gorgeous on them.

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