Friday, July 22, 2011

Art Activities at Dublin Mosque

Before the school holidays started, Ameera handed me a form about summer activities that will be held during holidays. Basically, by paying a small, nominal fee kids can attend a summer camp of sorts while at the same time, Mummy can get some much needed time off from minding the kids. Great idea.

Unfortunately, the place where the camp would be held is quite far from our house. So basically, if I wanted to send her to the camp, it would mean that I would have to sacrifice my day dropping her off and then picking her up within the space of a few hours.  It doesn't sound like a big problem but having to drag around my two relatively active boys in town while waiting for Ameera to finish is not something that I look forward to.

Hmmmm...but being a good mum (well, I do try) and as I had sort of promised Ameera, I went anyway and surprisingly, even though Husayn was not yet old enough, they accepted Husayn as well. He gladly decided to go along under the impression that he would have his big sister to mind him all the time but unfortunately, that was not the case.  The two were separated into their relevant classes and Husayn was less convinced of his initial decision.

Well, too bad for him. I had already paid the non-refundable so, reluctantly he stayed. So, that  left me alone with Hisham. A much more manageable arrangement.

As most people might know, over here you can see huge red SALE signs everywhere in a shop. Very tempting indeed but, being a good girl, I decided to stay away from all the shops even though I did see a few things that I really like but weren't actually that necessary to have. So, I decided to chill and get some coffee instead.

With hindsight, it wasn't actually the best of ideas when I had my little cranky Hisham with me. He was in the buggy for only the first two minutes and soon after started screaming and climbing on the table like little Tarzan running amok in the African jungle.

When time was up, I went back to pick up the kids from the mosque and they were both so excited, especially Husayn.

He "survived" the day at camp and even made some friends. He did lots of arts and crafts and still can't stop talking about it until today. That's his version of the Ka'bah in the pic above. Ameera was kept busy too and was excited about her old-school string phone (it actually works!).

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