Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day

It's still not too late to wish all Daddies out there a Happy Father's Day. May your day be filled with happiness, like ours.

Gift of LOVE 

Pop out card specially made by Ameera

 By Husayn

Little something in the shoe box from all of us to our beloved Daddy Harith

We really hope that you are happy today and we all love you very much.

You are really our SUPER DAD!!


Sizuka said...

happy father's day to ur hubby. i celebrated father's day without hubby. hahaha.. sian dia, duduk rumah sorang2 semalam masa kita org keluar lunch for father's day :D

Rina NAR said...

Happy Dada's Day Hairth!!!! wa syoknya byk dpt pressie...Ameere punya mesti plng creative....:)apa dlm shoebox tu? me too celebrate father's day w/out zula..hubby celebrate his kat rmh shidah hahahaha

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