Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Acu Nani's Birthday

It's my one and only sister's birthday today. Growing up, we weren't that close but, as we both grew older and were separated by thousands of miles, in different time zones, we began to get closer.

Back then, she was too little to play with me even though the both of us weren't actually keen on playing like good girly sisters should play. It just wasn't our cup of tea. But I guess everything changes. She's now grown to become a young lady who is totally different to the it's-all-ok-and-cool teenager. As a young lady, she san be quite sensitive and some times, even manages to look like a proper lady! Hehehe... But, whatever it is she is definitely a one of a kind sister and definitely one that I can rely on. Well, I hope that bit doesn't change. The most important thing is, she loves my kids so much.

She told me she was so happy yesterday. How I wish we could have celebrated your birthday with you. I am really happy with your life and your achievements....and may all the happiness be with you forever and ever. I also hope all your wishes come true, sooner rather than later. So this is the last video (in a series of Facebook-exclusive videos) for you on your special day, Acu. Enjoy!!!

HAPPY 24th Birthday Achoo Nanie and congratulations on graduating - soon. Muaaaahhhhhh


naniesc said...

oke.. surprise party from my friends almost cried but can tahan macho.. :)
previous videos from kiddos oso can tahan lagi..
mummy n makngah, kaknor called from vietnam still macho macho macho..
but read this entry this morning.. at last !! cannot tahan weyy.. it brought me tears.. isk.. isk.. how i wish u guys were here..! :(
thank u so much kakna n kid~
love u guys so much!!!! muahhhhhhhhhh xoxo <3 <3 <3

Ermayum said...

happy besday to yr sis panjang umur murah rezeki :)

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